Message From Mike on AGM

Message to all members and associates of H.A.Bikes.

On Monday we hold the 2013 Annual General Meeting of our Group. I cannot stress strongly enough how important this meeting is.

Every year we get the message; ” this is your group, come and have your say  “.

Every year we recruit about a dozen new members, train them up Advanced Rider standard but at the end of the year our total membership has shown no growth.

Why?    It is because we are not retaining members.  We blame the economic situation, retiring from biking, moving home or job but these are all excuses.

i fear that the fact is people VOTE WITH THEIR FEET.

By all means vote with your feet if you get bad service at a restaurant, M & S or a bike dealership but not with your biker group.

The reasons I have been given by some foot voters are:

I don’t like the politics in the group.

I don’t like the format of the meetings or ride-outs.

I don’t like the way the club is being run these days.

Voting with your feet will never change that. You need to turn up at the AGM, tell us what you like, don’t like AND suggest how we can attempt to put it right.

There might be others who have similar misgivings so we need to know what direction to take to avoid losing more members.

So don’t vote with your feet. Turn up and vote with your hands.

Mike F.

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  1. Roy says:

    Why not invite other group leaders [Secretaries, Chairman, Observers etc.] to gain from their experiences and practices, they might have very different and beneficial ideas to pass on.

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