Sunday Ride Out Leaders Needed

Your Club Needs You!

New Ride Out Leader Found! Hooray!!!!!!!!

Dear Full HAB Club Members

Our Sunday Ride Outs have all gone well this year, but we don’t as yet have a ride leader for March 15th or April 19th. Please volunteer if you are able to. Advice is available on the HAB website and also available from yours truly or other experienced HAB members.

Guidelines are:

Plan your route – no more than 90 minutes to morning coffee stop. Another 90 minutes (max) to lunch stop.

Keep it simple–not too many junctions. A complicated route spoils the flow.

Suss out coffee and lunch stops, can they cater for up to 20 or so riders?

Pre-ride your route with your tail ender (a volunteer tail ender can be found for you). Remember a large group will be slower than the two of you.

Ride leaders should demonstrate an advanced riding style, i.e. safe, legal and progressive, with due consideration to road conditions on the day.

Use the drop of system at all junctions, allows everyone to ride at their own pace, without bunching up.

Prepare a briefing with riders before you start, note junctions difficult to mark, fuel stops, identify leader and tail ender and make it clear that you will be obeying obey all rules of road, including speed and you expect everyone else to do so. Consider preparing a hand-out for the riders with contact numbers and locations of stops/fuel. Record the details of all riders on the ride.

Aim to finish between 16:00 and 17:00 – Choose a convenient place to end your ride (i.e. Ripley car park, Stump Cross Cafe Etc.).

Please let the Ride Out coordinator have a note of the route-a basic route with stops noted.

Above all enjoy the experience.

Please contact Barry Ring-your support would be much appreciated. or 07847786608

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