Rider Testimonials…

Below are some genuine testimonials from riders who have recently passed their advanced motorcycle test with the help of Harrogate Advanced Bikes:

Review 1
“To summarise; joining Harrogate advanced riders has been for me a better experience than I though it would be. I feel that I have really developed as a more confident and quicker rider. I look forward to and enjoy my biking more now than I ever have in the past, and cannot wait until the next time I can swing my leg over the bike.” G.S – Harrogate

Review 2 
“As a reasonable experienced rider I joined the Harrogate advanced Bikers as an Associate in order to further improve my skill and so become a safer rider. Having now completed the course and passed my test, I have to say I have learned an awful lot more than I ever expected to. It has certainly made me a safer and better rider. Seeing yourself improve is a great feeling!” S.W – Harrogate

Review 3 
“I thought that I was a reasonable rider until I discovered what I did not know. The classroom stuff was good but the greatest benefits came from the observed rides. The instructions came thick and fast, serious and fun at the same time.” M.H – Harrogate

Review 4 
“The training has significantly changed the way I ride for the better. I am a more confident and safer rider and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone considering joining the group.”N.H – Harrogate


See what a difference advanced training has done for these guys!

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