IAM Test

IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test…

The IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test is available to anyone who has a motorcycle with an engine capacity that will enable the machine to achieve and sustain the national speed limits.

All candidates must have held a full UK driving licence for three months or more, but it maybe beneficial to have at least 12 months riding experience under your belt before moving onto the Advanced Training.

Before commencing the Advanced Test you will have to produce your driving licence, certificate of insurance and MOT certificate to the Examiner. The Examiner also has the authority to test your eyesight.

All IAM Examiners are serving or retired Police Officers who hold the Police Advanced Motorcycle Certificate, probably one of the best qualifications in the world. The Examiner will make contact with you and arrange a mutual time and location to meet for your Advanced Test.

During the test the Examiner will follow you on their motorcycle over a route chosen by the Examiner. This route will be over a variety all road types town, country, main and motorway if nearby. During the run your riding will be assessed to ensure that you have correct control of your machine at all times. The Examiner will also assess your riding in relation to how you deal with the hazards encountered, in particular your observations, planning, assessment and anticipation. You will also be required to demonstrate that you can control your machine at slow speeds during a number of slow riding manoeuvres. These will normally be on an off-road site.

During the test you will be expected to ride up to the maximum permitted speed for the roads you travel, taking into consideration the road and traffic conditions, weather conditions and the capabilities of you and your bike. The Examiner will expect you always to be in the correct POSITION on the road, travelling at the correct SPEED and in the correct GEAR for the road and traffic conditions. You must comply with the law at all times during the test.

The test lasts about 1.5 hours and you will cover approximately 40-50 miles. At the conclusion of the test be prepared to answer some questions on the Highway Code and other relevant questions to assess your knowledge. These maybe based on basic motorcycle maintenance or advanced riding skills.

In preparation for your test we recommend reading the following publications:

  • How to Become an Advanced Motorcyclist (IAM) – Available at Amazon.
  • Roadcraft – Police Manual of Riding (HMSO) – Available at Amazon.
  • The Highway Code – Available at Amazon.

At the conclusion of your run, often at a local café or Ice Cream parlour the examiner will fully debrief you on your riding. Advanced Riding is not always “black & white” and often there is more than one way to achieve the same result. These alternative methods will be discussed. You will have chance to discuss your riding with the Examiner. You will then be told your result.


  • Why take your Advanced Test?
    Advanced Riders are less likely to be involved in road collisions.
  • Will I receive a Certificate? 
  • Can I obtain a discount on my insurance? 
    Yes, most motorcycle insurers recognise the IAM Advanced Certificate and offer you a Discount.
  • Can I progress further after passing my test? 
    You could take an active part in the Group and qualify as an Observer to train others. You can then progress to a Senior Observer. Many groups have an active social calendar. Monthly meetings and ride outs. Short weekend tours and other biking events. You do not have to give up when you pass your test.
  • What does the test comprises and how long will it last? 
    1½ hours on a mix of all road types.
  • Does the examiner follow you on a bike? 
  • Are bike to bike communications be used? 
  • When do you take it? 
    At a convenient time between you and the examiner.