Tan hill

s you are aware, HAB have an opportunity to join a ride out with Suffolk Advanced Bikes this weekend, as they are based at Tan Hill Friday and Saturday nights. I understand that 15 SAM members are attending. So, if you fancy a ride out, the plan is

1) For the Saturday, there is likely to be a variety of rides from Tan Hill (one towards the Lakes, one towards Ilkley and one local to TH). If you are interested, just be at Tan Hill Inn in time for rides to depart at 10am (suggest be there for 9 to 9.30 for introductions etc)
2) For those that cannot make Saturday (or even if you can), I understand that SAM will be departing Tan Hill about 10am on Sunday for a ride out to Sutton Bank, before heading home. They re happy for any HAB members to join them on this ride as well.

A great opportunity to ride and socialise with another IAM club. You never know, they my even reciprocate if we have a ride into East Anglia in the future.

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  1. Barry ring says:

    Would have been delighted to join in but family visiting this weekend. Best wishes to SAM and anyone making the ride outs.


  2. Paul H says:

    Well …. two HAB members joined 15 SAM members at Tan Hill on 3rd August and had a great day out and about ….. Any one interested in a trip down to Suffolk next year?

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