A chance to tour in Germany

HAB member Roy Beniston has sent in the following invitation for us to consider. He writes: –

With regard to touring in 2018 I am planning to visit the Harz Mountains and National Park area of central Germany this year and if any club members wish to join me they would be very welcome.

The tour will be from Saturday 12th to Sunday 20th May leaving via the Newcastle – Amsterdam ferry sailing at 5.00pm and arriving at 9.30am the next day in the ferry port of Ijuiden.

Normally we disembark and are ready for departure on our tour by 10.30am then motoring down to the Braunlage area in the Harz national park.  This being used as a central location for touring the area over the next 5 days.

On the return journey starting on 18th May, we would have an overnight stop in Dusseldorf to meet up with some German friends and enjoy the pleasures of the “Altstadt”  traveling back to the ferry on the 19th May for our boat trip home.

The Harz mountains and the National Park are a very picturesque with lots of history and fairy-tale legends.

Anyone wishing to join in the fun are welcome to contact me on my e-mail “roy.beniston@icloud.com” 

It is kind of Roy to offer this opportunity and if you want to try touring across the pond, then this would be a good way to put your toe in the water with an experienced member of the club.

Doug Masterton – Chair Harrogate Advanced Bikes

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