Andy’s March Sunday ride Bowland and Dentdale.

Well, what a great day out !!



(We all re-group after a tricky section)

Absolutely freezing cold but a cracking start to the season, I didn’t count exactly but I think there was 14 of us starting out from Harrogate.

The weather was kind, a few light showers but no heavy snow; the temperature ranged from -1 to 3 c.

As we went over the moors (as pic attached) the tracks became more and more tricky but we all made it through un-scathed. At one point though I struggled to use my levers (no heated grips).

We all made it back to Stump Cross but unfortunately on my way back I had electrical failure and couldn’t get the bike started. Luckily some of the guys were going my way and pulled over to help  (you know who you are !). Thanks for sticking with me until the AA arrived and thanks to Bob and Doug for getting the bike trailer and getting me home. If anyone has breakdown cover through the Halifax Ultimate Reward bank account, forget it. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on. I have now re-started my AA membership.

Here’s to the April ride. If anyone has any photo’s of the ride please email me ( ) and I will add to the site.

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Cheers, Paul.

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2 Responses to Andy’s March Sunday ride Bowland and Dentdale.

  1. Dave H says:

    Yes, a fantastic start to the season – great roads, good company and a little bit of testing riding thrown in for could measure!

  2. Roy says:

    Good start to the season, good test of slow and controlled riding. Also good test of thermal gear!!

    Thanks to Andy we were all made aware that there is an upstairs room to the cafe at Slaidburn – it was very welcome plus the bonus of a nice warm fire to de-frost the cold limbs.

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