Club meeting 12th June 2017

The club meeting for June will follow the successful format of that held in May. In the hope that the weather is kind we shall take advantage of the long summer evening to enjoy a short ride to a venue where we can take some refreshments and chat. The Sun Inn at Norwood has been suggested but a decision on exactly where to go can be left until members meet up beforehand. The ride will be led by John Blanchfield Club Vice Chair.

Please arrive at Bilton Cricket Club in time for the group to set off at 7:30 pm.

A previous post of this notice showed the months in the text incorrectly – my apologies.

Doug Masterton

Chair Harrogate Advanced Bikes


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2 Responses to Club meeting 12th June 2017

  1. John Blanchfield says:

    Doug really meant to say ‘The club Monday evening meeting in June will follow the same format as May’
    Meet 7.30pm ASDA lorry park Monday 12 June.

  2. Paul says:

    Dragon Road or Bilton CC?

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