Confusion over club meetings in August

Dear friends,

I must extend to you all an apology about the confusion in our diary concerning events for August. At the recent meeting of the club committee we realised that we had nothing to propose for our normal Monday evening club meeting for August and decided not to proceed with one. What we had not realised that this did not match the entries in the club diary on our web site which announced that there was to be a club meeting on Wednesday 9th of August (changed day) and an evening ride out on Monday 14th August. I cannot remember the circumstances which led us to put those dates in the calendar.

My sincere apologies to any members who turned up at Bilton tonight (Wednesday 9th) and found nothing going on. As far as I am aware, and I stand to be corrected, I do not believe anyone is planning to lead a ride out on the 14th of August – but an offer would be welcome. The diary on the web site will be changed to avoid further confusion. I believe that the events listed from August 20th onwards will go ahead as planned, all being well.

I do apologise once more if you have been inconvenienced by this muddle.


Doug Masterton

Chair, Harrogate Advanced Bikes.

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