HAB February Meeting

H.A.B. February Meeting.

Once again the H.A.B. meeting went well.

Barry Halvorsen had invited Dan Linfoot and his team mate Peter Hickman to address us.

The evening went brilliantly. Dan Linfoot and  his 2013 Honda Superbiketeam-mate Pete Hickman  told us all about his experiences of testing and racing for different teams. He brought with him some on-board factory video footage of pre-season testing and development and explained how they set up and imnprove the race bike. They also brought some very scary race footage with telemetry which showerd braking, acceleration and side G-Forces as well as the revs, the gears, the tyre loadings f to r, the weight distribution f to r, the suspension working and lean angles. The whole evening was inter-active and all the way through I felt a genuine interest from the delegates on the floor asking questions – obviously from race enthusiasts as As usual if you missed the meeting you missed some very interesting biking information as well as an enjoyable evening with your H.A.B. biker mates.

Mike Fourie

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  1. steve briggs says:

    Yes. Thanks Barry for sorting out this visit.
    I am sure allpresent enjoyed the evening.

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