Message from Andrew Pratt re Insurance

It would be worth making Observers aware of the following, if they are NOT insured via Adelaide/IAM Surety

Its renewal time again & I have been shopping around. I am currently with IAM Surety who make a point of including Motor Insurance Whilst Observing.

Carole Nash – largest UK Bike Insurance Broker, probably. Aviva probably the largest UK Bike insurer,

I mentioned Observing when getting a quote, and because we receive a fuel contribution insurers would treat this as “Business Use”  The cost of providing cover wasn’t massive, an extra £10, for 500 miles observing a year.

If Observers have not declared their observing activity to insurers, they may not be covered.

Many will think “how would insurers find out” Believe me, if the accident is serious, i.e. costly to insurers they will conduct full investigations.

You may wish to make Observers aware

Kind regards


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