Post fro Mike Fourie Re Events

H.A.B. have a regular meeting on the second Monday of every month.In Summer it takes the form of a ride-out meeting at ASDA.In Winter we meet at B.C.C.No reminders are needed for these happenings.

It might help if these can be embedded in the calendar part of our website.

I am still planning to host the H.A.B. B.B.Q. on Saturday 14th September.

I have spoken to Luigi re the Not our Xmas Dinner and he will b delighted if we go there again.

Proposed date Saturday 19th January. I will confirm it in August.

Several members have held their own “mini events”. A group visited Austria (The Triday event).

Other groups have been to various parts of Europe; France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

It would be nice to get some write-ups about these adventures.

Mike F

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  1. Paul H says:

    “bump” Tan Hill for start of Saturday ride with Suffolk IAM bike group, Just let me know ASAP if you are planning on joining the fun…. or place a note on our facebook page

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