Post from Chief Observer, Pauline on Further Skills Training For Members

Dear All

Over the last months I have become increasingly aware that once Associates have passed their test if a member does not want to be an Observer the “training” element of HAB disappears and I know from personal experience that unless theory and skills are visited regularly and reinforced they disappear and other habits begin to develop. You will be aware that there are big changes to the Observer Qualification and to facilitate anyone to progress to the National Observer Qualification (yes, it is open to all) and for others to gain the Local Observer Qualification we need to address some of those gaps in knowledge and skills. I think we can do that informally and with fun but a little bit of structure will help keep me organised.

I am proposing to be available on a Monday evening. I will be at the published meeting place (which might vary depending on the agenda for the evening so look out on the Website).
All are welcome including Associates (with or without their Observer). It is not necessary to confirm attendance but as always when people do indicate they are coming it helps with planning. It’s not essential though. My role will be as a facilitator to support progress of members of HAB.

As a member of HAB if you are interested in continuing learning and would like to join me I will be at the Dragon Road lorry park for 7pm. There maybe some skills you, as an individual, would like to develop. Or there may have been an incident occurred that you would like to discuss, reflect on and explore how it might be approached differently. Anyone can email me in confidence if there is something they want to practice and we will focus on that element of riding on one of the evenings. If I don’t get suggestions I will use IPSGA as a starting point and take it from there. This will be a group activity with all participants taking an active role in observing, assessing and giving feedback. We will always work to encourage and identify what we can improve while acknowledging that we are all human and nobody if perfect. All riders will be responsible for their own safety and control of their motorcycle riding within their capabilities.

Proposed Format:

7pm meet at identified location.
Short discussion around an element of riding (which may have previously been suggested by a member).
7.30 – 8.30pm a ride to work on the highlighted skills working in small groups of 3-4 to observe and support each other. The routes will be well defined as many of you know my sense of direction is not!
8.20 – 9.30pm Coffee stop to discuss outcomes.


24th June – Dragon Road Car Park – members only
1st July –     Wetherby Wilderness car park down from the bridge by the river – members only.
8th July –     Dragon Road – Regular ride evening – more ride than talky! Visitors welcome.
15th July –   Ripley car park (before the village) members only.
22nd July –  Dragon Road – members only.
29th July –   Sun Inn, Brame Lane, Norwood – members only.

We will review how it goes and feedback is necessary and will be required.

Regards to all

Pauline Simms
Chief Observer, HAB.

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4 Responses to Post from Chief Observer, Pauline on Further Skills Training For Members

  1. Nick Cahill says:

    Thank you Pauline.
    What a good idea. I will attend whenever possible.
    The time & effort you & everyone else involved put in, is much appreciated.
    We also enjoy your enthusiastic banter.
    In the future I would like to give something back to the group. However at the moment I feel a period of consolidating my learning is the way forward. These sessions will enhance that (passed the IAM test last autumn).

  2. Paul H says:

    Great idea and will make it when possible.
    Any chance of having a meeting out to west side of Harrogate?
    Could also work for member to progress to both First and Masters registers
    As Nick said, all your efforts are appreciated

  3. Paul H says:

    Good session on Monday evening…. where was everyone else? you missed out.

  4. Liz says:

    Hi Pauline

    Is it too early for me to join these events ? Aiming to bring my other half along to the next regular Monday ride as a visitor hope this is OK.

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