Sarah Sillars visit to HAB – Reminder

Dear friends,

Please remember to put our monthly meeting on Monday 17th July into your diaries. Sarah Sillars HAB Chief Executive has agreed to come and talk to us and I hope as many members as possible will be present.

Sarah asked if there were any issues that we wanted to raise and after taking soundings amongst the committee I have sent her the following:

  1. The long-term future for volunteer observers delivering a flagship product like Skills for Life for IAM.
  2. Strategies for volunteers to contribute to raising awareness among the younger generation of two wheel users.
  3. Evolution of the environment of road usage if and when automated driving becomes widespread and, in particular, how attitudes to motorcycle use might change in such a scenario.
  4. The growing community pressure to extend speed limits almost everywhere, whether or not they contribute to greater road safety.

I am sure that the meeting will give us the opportunity to talk about many key issues with Sarah even if she is unable to respond to all my suggestions.

Please do your best to come along to Bilton Cricket Club for 7:30 pm.

Doug Masterton


Harrogate Advanced Bikes

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