Sunday Ride Out 20th August 2017

For the August ride out, the committee has decided to try a new format inspired by such events as the Welsh National Rally. Technically, I believe it is termed a Navigational Scatter Rally and I hope as many members as possible will come along and give it a go.

The details are being formulated but kept under wraps. Before the event a list of places around North Yorkshire will be published together with the starting and finishing points. This will give you the chance to choose your own route visiting a set number (to be decided) of these places. You will have the opportunity to choose a route through some of the most stunning roads and places in our county and decide where you might wish to take your breaks. The distance you choose to cover will be comparable to that of our normal Sunday rides.

On the day, when you register, you will be given a list of questions, one for each location. You will need to find the answer to the questions by visiting the locations you have chosen. At the end of the ride out we will all meet together again, answers will be checked and any tie breaks decided to identify the winner.

The event is being planned by Bob Hill, Andy Pratt and myself and work is in hand to establish the details. There will be no time contest or race and no account will be taken of the distance covered. The event is a fun excuse to explore the roads and countryside but with a sense of purpose. If you sometimes have a pillion passenger, this ride out might be the one they would really enjoy, helping decide the route and finding the answers to the questions as you travel.

Please put the date in your diary.

Doug Masterton

Chair Harrogate Advanced Bikes

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