2023 Subs

Dear Members,

As well as Christmas being on the near horizon, it becomes time to pay your subscriptions on the 1st January! If you were an associate in 2022 who has passed their test, your subs become due on 1st January 2023. If you remain an associate into 2023, lucky you, your subs won’t be due until the year following the one in which you pass your test!

For accounting purposes, it would be easier for your Treasurer and Auditor if all members make their payments in January rather than this month. It saves a tiresome calculation for adjustments between the accounting years.

The subs remain at £15 and the easiest way to pay is by BACS. Our account is at Lloyd’s Bank, Harrogate, is named Harrogate Advanced Bikes, the sort code is 30-93-91 and the account number is 01807888.

It is also my duty to tell you that members are required to remain in the IAM, so that your subs to them will need to be paid as they become due.

It only remains for me to wish you all a very happy Christmas and safe riding.

Best wishes,

Richard Stembrowicz


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