April Sunday Ride Leader Needed

Hi Everyone,

Lots of our colleagues have come forward in 2018 and this year so far to lead our Sunday Ride Outs, some of them for the first time. Thank you very much to them for doing that.

Our Sunday April 21st Ride Out is still in dire need of a leader. Have a think about coming forward with your favourite day ride especially if you have not led a ride before. Full support can be given. Advice about routes, planning suitable stops, safety rules and guidance on turn marking.

There is also several opportunities to lead one of our summer Monday evening rides starting May 13th if you want to ease yourself in gently.

Don’t be shy! Please get in touch if you would like to give it a go.

barrya.ring@gmail.com or just ask me at the next meeting.

Useful links for ride planning.


Other Advanced Bike Groups publish their ride out guidelines. You can access through the IAM website and then go to the individual group website.

Best regards.


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