August 14th Evening Ride-In Leader Request

This is a plea for a HAB full member to step in and lead the Ride-In to our August 14th Club Meeting at Bilton Cricket Club.

I would have been very happy to lead the Ride-In but unfortunately I’ve broken my ankle playing football. Before you think what a hero, taking a fall for his local team, I can’t claim that. Encouraging my nine year old granddaughter in her footballing ambitions, having a kick about in the back garden I went over on my ankle and separated my fibula. I’m stuck at home and sure I won’t be bike fit on the 14th so I’m casting around for a volunteer please.

To be honest it’s an easy peasy task for an experienced ride leader and relatively straight forward for a newbie. An hour’s ride from a convenient starting point and getting to the meeting at Bilton Cricket Club for approximately 7.15pm. Happily we have splendid local roads available to play with. If you need a route to get started I have several GPX files available to share. Typically groups have been 5-8 so easily managed.

Please get in touch on 07847 78 66 08.

More information will follow about the meeting in about a week’s time.

All the best


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