Excellent Turnout for Highways England

Who would have thought a presentation about traffic management would be so interesting!

Our Monday evening presentation went very well with Mark and Nikki from Highways England giving us the low down on how they cope with the varied challenges they face every day keeping the traffic moving. Given the atrocious weather, a great turnout of approximately 20 HAB members and amazingly Peter Germaine came on his bike. Mark asked us pertinent questions about our expectations of their service and got a good few questions back in return. The banter was good natured-you never know when you may personally need Highways England. All very intereresting and the information just kept coming. I loved the way our presenters made a point of going around to speak to everyone after food was served. Nice touch!

Thank you very much to Mark and Nikki and of course to John for organising the presentation and Bilton Cricket Club for the excellent buffet.

Don’t leave it at that. You can access video links to Highways England by going to:



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