GDPR Compliance Form

Dear All,

In order to comply with both GDPR and IAM guidelines we are required to provide our membership with the option to ‘opt out’ of Harrogate Advanced Bikes implied permission to hold and process personal data.

The link to this document is HAB GDPR Declaration

The opening paragraph of this letter describes the context of this agreement.

If you do not respond to this email by submitting the opt-out letter to the Secretary then your acceptance is implied by default.

There is also am outline of our GDPR compliance in the minutes of the last committee meeting. I have also inserted below.

  • Do not hold unnecessary personal information. Example if we see a driving licence and the associate signs to say they have a current licence we do not need to record and keep the details of the licence itself.
  • Any data held should be done so securely (password protected)
  • Private information should only be held by the processor associated with that data and not be held or transmitted to others. (IE treasurer holds list of names for subs and whether paid or not, this list should only be a name and a tick for paid, shouldn’t hold any other information that could identify the person – DOB/Postcode etc. These would be deemed as unnecessary)
  • All personal data on members is held on the IAM DTE database which we can access through a secure portal. This is compliant with GDPR.
  • If we have no requirement for retention of data then it must be destroyed securely or handed back to the associate/member (IE records of riding assessment after passing test, if they contain any personal information and information on lapsed membership)



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