HAB 3rd Sunday Rides – Ride Leaders wanted!

We have ride leaders for Sunday 16 March (Andrew Pratt) and Sunday 13 April (2nd Sunday – Bob Hill) but are looking for leaders for 18 May, 15 June, 20 July, 17 August, 21 September and 19 October. If you are interested and can commit to one of these dates, please speak to Andrew at tomorrow night’s meeting or email him at andrewpratt12@yahoo.co.uk

Guidelines for Ride Leaders

Meet: 0915 Dragon Road Lorry Park – next to Asda, central Harrogate

120 to 180 miles

Plan your route – no more than 90 minutes to morning coffee stop

Another 90 minutes (max) to lunch stop

Aim to finish between 1600 & 1700 – Choose a convenient place to end your ride (e.g. Ripley Car Park, Stump Cross Cafe etc)

Keep it Simple – not too many junctions. A complicated route spoils the flow

Pre Ride your route, with your Tail Ender. Remember  a large group will be slower than the two of you.

Suss out coffee & lunch stops – can they cater for 20 or so riders?

Let Secretary have a note of the route – a basic route with stops noted

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2 Responses to HAB 3rd Sunday Rides – Ride Leaders wanted!

  1. Andrew Pratt says:

    As at 11 February
    March – Andrew
    April – Bob
    July – David H
    October – Doug

    • Andrew Pratt says:

      Now we have 5 Ride Leader volunteers. 4 more please. Andrew

      March – Andrew
      April – Bob
      May – John B
      July – David H
      October – Doug

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