IAM AGM and Subscription Increase.

Dear member

You will by now have received your Autumn edition of RoadSmart magazine from the IAM which included their AGM Notice. You will see that it is their desire to increase annual subscriptions to £42 (£38 if paid by Direct Debit). Given the severely limited activity that had been available this year and the financial hardships that have been created for many, you might, like me, think this increase inappropriate.

There is a form of proxy included with the Notice where you can vote for or against this increase. The form simply needs completing and sending to IAM RoadSmart or scanning and emailing.

Fill in your details and leave the name of the proxy blank and the Chair of the meeting will have your vote.

Subscription to HAB will not increase this year to reflect the limited activity we have been able to provide.

John Blanchfield
Chairman HAB

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