IAM Road Smart Skills Day Croft Circuit Tuesday 25th June

This post is really for HAB members already booked on the Skills Day at Croft Circuit near Darlington on Tuesday 25th but, according to the IAM website, there are still some places available so have a look if you fancy some extra training and are free next Tuesday to give it a go. Cost is £149 for the day.

It’s an early start for us on Tuesday and for the HAB members making their own way to the circuit, you need to be there ready settled in for the briefing at 8.45am with a fuelled up bike. Fuel stop at the Toll Bar Garage 2 miles south on the A167.

I will be leading anyone you wants to come along to the circuit to arrive 8.15-8.30am maybe in time for a quick breakfast. I suggest we meet at Morrisons supermarket Harrogate Road, Ripon where fuel is available also. Best to go the direct route as we will have plenty of interesting riding during the day. Journey time is minimum 40 minutes from there (31 miles) so I suggest we leave Ripon at 7.30am prompt.

I’m sure you will have all done so, but please read the available information in your email from the IAM paying particular attention to bike condition, brakes, tyres, fluids/ chain adjustment/noise levels etc. You also need suitable leathers or good textile bike clothing. Don’t forget to print and sign your disclaimer and although not requested I will be taking my driving licence with me.

For your information I have taken out specific track day insurance as my policy with Bennetts could not be extended. IAM Surety (if your current insurer) will extend your policy for a fee. My track day insurance has cost me £100 with Bemoto.co.uk or phone 01733 907000. That was the cheapest I could find.

Food and drink is available at Croft Circuit.

Have another read of the IAM info and please get in touch with if you have any particular questions.

The weather forecast is not sunny but low chance of rain so I’m greatly looking forward to the day on Tuesday 25th.

Please let me know if you are making your own way to the circuit or meeting at Morrisons.

barrya.ring@gmail.com or text 07847 786608

All the best


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