Indoor Meetings At Bilton

Dear Members.

For a long time now we have enjoyed the hospitality of Bilton Cricket club at a very reasonable cost to the group with a magnificent Buffet thrown in. While these costs have remained low the group has been able to finance these in full from annual subs and income from the IAM.

I’m sure you can appreciate that costs are going up everywhere, Bilton is not immune to this and are increasing the costs for both room hire and the Buffet. 

As a result, we can no longer 100% fund this from group funds so reluctantly we are proposing a £2 contribution from members towards the Monday evening meetings which will also include the food. We still feel this is excellent value and as a group we would find it difficult to find a suitable meeting place that offers food and a room within this cost.

Also, many of the speakers in the past have given their time freely and without expenses, however, most are now wanting some expenses for fuel, etc.

I hope you find this acceptable but I’m happy to discuss it with anyone who has concerns.

Kind Regards

Paul Dresser


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  1. Peter Germaine says:

    Is this £2 per-meetting or £24 yearly?

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