Please welcome new associate Matthew Sedgwick to the group.

So, the brief biking history;

I became hooked on motorcycles as a 13/14 year old, hammering my mate’s C90 mot failure up and down a private road in Pool. As soon as I was old enough I bought an old Honda CB125, slapped on some L plates and hit the open road (no cbt back in those days). After extensive training (provided by my mate Martin one Saturday morning), I headed off to Harrogate for my first round the block test. I say first because I didn’t realise there was a narrow ginnel between the houses. I thought I was safely away from the examiner’s beady eyes along the back straight behind the terrace, until he unexpectedly stepped out and slapped his clipboard for the emergency stop. Suffice to say, the speedway style rear wheel slide didn’t impress him much. I was ready for him on the second attempt however and passed with flying colours (in both directions).

If I haven’t missed any out, 42 years later I’m now on my 18th bike and thought it was about time I learned to ride it properly. Favourite so far, Honda CBR1000f Hurricane back in the 90s. The bike which was a bit different and wish I had kept, absolutely mint Kawasaki GT550 shaft drive.

Favourite quote, which is credited to Mark Twain I think;

“ It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

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2 Responses to Please welcome new associate Matthew Sedgwick to the group.

  1. Barry Ring says:

    Hi Matthew, welcome to HAB, looking for to meeting you.


  2. Martin Pettitt says:

    Hi Matthew, Looking forward to riding with you and sharing a chat & a laugh during coffee stops

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