September 13th Indoor meeting, 7pm

Dear Members.

We are quickly approaching our first indoor meeting for what seems like an eternity.

We have an interesting speaker for the evening Graham Feest of Road Safety Consultancy, I have included below an introduction from Graham on the topics of the evening.

Despite the lockdown we have had great succssess with our associates through the endevours of our Observing team. It would be great to see some of the newly passed members at the meeting so we can hand out their certificates and celebrate their achievements. I will be reaching out to them individually to invite them to the meeting.

As usual, a fantastic spread from Bilton Cricket club will be served.

Travel Traffic Safety and Roads

This is intended to be an interactive, emotive and lively session in which after a short introduction we will take a look at some topical issues as spontaneously, anonymously and randomly selected and how they affect the national and local travel, traffic safety and roads agenda. It will take us down a path of  looking at some of the current Government and local interventions and ideas along with the legal, engineering, public opinion  and human factor implications under consideration or being implemented all aimed and with the intention of reducing crashes, collisions and injuries on the road;

Would be good to see many of you there.

Kind Regards.

Paul Dresser

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