Slow Riding Workshop Sunday 30 September2018 from 9.30 to 12.30 am

A slow riding Workshop is scheduled to take place on Sunday 30 September 2018.  The event will be held on the premises of 3D Motorcycle Training at Tockwith between 9.30 and 12.30 am.  This workshop will benefit all Club Members, Associates and Observers. Slow riding is an important skill which distinguishes advanced riders from others.  However, the skill can be lost due to lack of practice and the adoption of less effective control systems.  It is important skill to maintain.  Practice is the only way to keep the skill alive in your motorcycling toolbox so do not miss the opportunity this workshop will give. 

The Event Will: 

1.       Cover basic slow handling of Bikes starting with a talk on basic principles and common situations.

2.       There will be an open practice area for more experienced members to practice their skills and enough Observers to help with individual requirements.

3.       Those wishing to start afresh will receive “back to basics training” and coaching whilst practicing.

4.       Toilet facilities and some tea and coffee making equipment are available on site. If the adjoining Go Cart Track is in operation the Café will also be open to visitors.

5.       There will be a short, fun competition at the end of the training.

 Important information for all attending: 

3D will be conduction CBT and DAS training on their site and we will have to access the area we have been allocated by passing through their area.  Initially we will meet at the 3D office and go through as a group. Individual arriving after the start time will have to get permission to pass through the training area.  The same applies to individuals wishing to use the toilets, café and those leaving.  Please respect 3D’s wishes in this matter as it involves their health and safety policy. 


Anyone wishing to find out more or discuss the training is welcome to contact me on 07936032238. 

Best Regards,

Bob Hill
Chief Observer
Harrogate Advanced Bikes

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