Theory Session Saturday 10th March.

A Theory Training Session will be held at Bilton Cricket Club on Saturday 10 March 2018 Starting at 09.30 and finishing at 12.30.  Theory Sessions are held primarily to inform new associates about the IPSGA System, however, the content of these sessions is also a useful reminder to all Group Members.  I have attended every Theory Sessions since I joined the Group in 2003 all have been different and I have gleaned something from each and every one.  

This is also a great opportunity to get together and contribute to the enlightenment of others through our experiences and knowledge whilst at the same time welcoming new or recent members.  I would encourage all to attend.  Observers who are allocated Associates should attend.  Training is both interesting and inclusive.  Anyone present is invited to contribute, so come and have your say, giving tips and hints on riding etc.

There will be free Breakfast sandwiches, tea and coffee available to all.

See you there,

Bob Hill

Chief Observer HAB

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