Welcome Joe Biggs to the group.

Having just retired I’m looking forward to spending far more hours on the bike than I’ve been able to over the past 40 years. I started riding in 1980 when I passed my test on a single cylinder Honda RS250. Over the following two years both I and the bike survived one or two relatively minor accidents before graduating onto a Honda CB750 which, together with the subsequent Triumph Trophy and Honda Blackbird, carried us on  many summer trips throughout Europe. As the Blackbird is now 20 years old I thought it was time for a reliable back up so, late last year, acquired a ubiquitous BMW R1250GS with which I now look forward to riding whilst going through the Skills for Life training. I trained for, but sadly failed, my Advanced Test with Cleveland Advanced Bikes about 25 years ago so I’m now looking forward to correcting my record.

Joe Biggs.

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  1. bazza7879 says:

    Hi Joe

    Welcome to HAB! Great to meet you on Monday’s evening ride.


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