Welcome Rosie to the group.

I’m really quite new to biking – after wanting a motorcycle licence ever since I can remember I managed to overcome years of parental ‘don’t do it’ (my mum’s an orthopaedic nurse so understandably has a rather one-sided view of it) and got my licence Nov 2019.  I didn’t actually manage to get a motorcycle until July 2020 (combination of wanting to move house to one with a garage and various lockdowns etc).  This picture was the day I brought her home and I think you can tell my sheer joy of finally owning one!  Since then I’ve been motorcycling as much as possible and want to learn as much as I can and just get my experience up really.  

Thank you again – I’m really looking forward to doing my Advanced Riding and getting involved in the Club’s activities

Many thanks, Rosie

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4 Responses to Welcome Rosie to the group.

  1. Andrew Pratt says:

    Good looking bike Rose, welcome
    Check out our FB page to see what our members are doing day to day “Harrogate Advanced Bikes” https://www.facebook.com/groups/292472617494804

  2. Peter Smith says:

    Well done Rosie and welcome from the Bishop Monkton contingent. Hope you’re still grinning!

  3. Graham Crowther says:

    Welcome Rosie, good to have another Kawasaki rider in the group!


  4. Geoffrey Hale says:

    Good to have you with us Rosie

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