AGM Monday 11th March

Just a reminder that this comming Monday 11th March is our AGm at the Bilton Cricket Club.

Would be great if we had a good turnout. Look forward to seeing you all.


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2 Responses to AGM Monday 11th March

  1. John Nettleship says:

    Sorry. Overwintering in Spain. But I’m sure you’ll all make sensible decisions in the wintery rain without me. See you all in April.

    • Barry Ring says:

      Hi John,

      Ive been wondering where you had got too! It’s a tough life for you TV types. If this is your first reply, the meeting went well, with the committee re-elected unopposed, everyone seemed happy and chatty with plenty of the usual hearty food to finish. The minutes will no doubt be published soon. Sadly you have missed all the great weather in the UK and all our winter rides, non of them rained upon (there is still time though).

      All the best


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