“Crafty Plugger”

Wednesday Ride Report & Puncture Advice

Great ride today, thanks to David’s route planning around East Yorkshire, & unseasonably warm November weather and of course great company. Great lunch in Scagglethorpe, lots of dry twisties, plenty of muddy ones too.

One of our party suffered a puncture, caused by a piece of stone, which left a hole size of a biro. i.e. massive. Tire repair foam applied, no use whatsoever.

I applied my “Crafty Plugger” (rats tails) kit, which has never failed repairs for me (unlike “mushrooms”, & aforesaid foam). It took 3 strings to seal the hole, the most I’ve ever had to use, but it worked. Pumped up with 4 CO2 canisters, and we were gingerly away.

No leaks after an hour or so. & our rider rode home safely

I have championed “Crafty Plugger” before, a couple of riders asked me to remind them where to buy: http://craftyplugger.com

You also need a means to pump your tyre up, I favour CO2 mini bottles, with a applicator tool. Buy at cycle shops (Halfords, Evans), or, cheaper online.

All the best

Andrew P

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  1. Judith says:

    I was the rider who had the puncture (tyre completely flat) so a big thank you to Andy for his repair and getting me moving again. I know Andy has done this sort of repair before and knows what he is doing but,even so, I was really impressed with how little time it seemed to take and how relatively straightforward it was. Having seen it done, I think I’d now feel able to attempt this sort of repair myself. I was rather nervous of riding the bike on the repaired tyre at first but I needn’t have been and I covered the 30 miles ride home without any problems. At home I pumped up the tyre to the usual pressure and,over 48 hours later, it is still holding the pressure. I haven’t got the tyre replaced yet so I won’t see you all on Sunday’s ride but based on Wednesday’s experience I’d definitely recommend the Crafty Plugger kit.

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