Hi All

Monday evening’s meeting went well, despite the lack of a speaker. I hope the impromptu film was sufficiently interesting.  A big thank you to Peter for being master of ceremonies.

Here are some photos of the new test pass graduates receiving their certificates and much sort after IAM mug. Congratulations to Gordon Atkinson F1RST pass, observer David Cranswick. Tim Fryer F1RST pass, observer Bob Hill. Adrian Waterhouse pass, only one point off a F1RST, observer John Blanchfield. In Bob’s words “Great results for the Associates, the Club and the Observer Team. Well done. We have achieved 3 First out of 13 test passes this year”.


Gordon Atkinson                       Tim Fryer                          Adrian Waterhouse

Apparently the Wednesday HAB riders had splendid weather.  The weather forecast for this coming Sunday’s ride is very promising too.  So see you all on Sunday?

All the best


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