Motorcycling Riding Lockdown Rules Relaxed

Dear HAB Members

As you may already know IAM RoadSmart has announced that ‘motorcycle observed rides can resume from Monday 15thJune, in England’.

‘Bob Hill our Chief Observer will be contacting all the Observers and Associates with a view to making suitable agreements between themselves to get on with training, whilst still complying with Government and IAM guidance’.

Regarding group rides IAM RoadSmart say “group rides can also resume from Monday 1st June, in England where six people will be allowed to meet outdoors, as long as social distancing is still observed’.

There may be members amongst the group for reasons of personal safety who are not ready to socialise with even six riders. That is understandable and their position is respected.  With six or even two riders meeting the rules for social distancing are still the same 2 metres minimum.

Our usual arrangements for these large group rides will not apply for the next few months so a workable arrangement is proposed to comply with the Government’s rules, the IAM’s recommendations and our own personal comfort zones.  Clearly our Sunday and Wednesday group rides regularly exceed six riders. As only 6 riders can travel together, in theory only 6 pre-arranged riders can attend. It has been suggested we can have two waves of six setting off at intervals or more frequent rides.  They are both fine ideas and dependent on take-up can be adopted. Cafes and restaurants are closed apart from a few takeaways, chip shops and ice cream vendors.  That also means no public conveniences open either. Supermarkets are open for sandwiches, cold drinks and sometimes provide toilets. Motorway services are open and may have sandwiches etc, at least outdoor seating, and of course toilets. A picnic of some sort seems to be the best idea.

Monday evening rides can take place within the same rules.

David Haywood is unable to lead Wednesday rides until further notice and has emailed regular Wednesday ride participants asking for ride leaders to step forward to keep those rides going.

If you have your own ride planned consider sharing it with your HAB colleagues. Your club needs you. Please put yourself forward to lead a Sunday, Wednesday or a Monday evening ride. All contributions welcome.

Dates of the next few ride outs will be confirmed as soon as possible with an individual post prior to each occasion. Any questions, feedback or suggestions please use the feedback option or get in touch directly.

Contact 07847786608

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