Motorcycling Riding Rules Relaxed

Following the government’s relaxing of social riding rules, hot off the press (well yesterday), we received the IAM’s views on the latest changes to the Corona virus restrictions, so far as motorcycle riding is concerned. 
The following are extracts from their bulletin; 

‘You can ride your bike to an open space and there is no restriction on distance travelled.  Social distancing should be maintained, and on your arrival you should stay two metres from other visitors.’ 

IAM RoadSmart does not believe the time is right to start observing on motorcycles’ ‘Group rides and observed runs do not fit within the guidelines. If you are accompanied on your travels it should be by a member of your household (or one socially distanced friend so two bikes).’

Given that last sentence it would appear that we can legitimately ride with one friend, socially distancing. This looks like the new norm for us for a while. I think its’ ‘pick a friend’ time.  As soon as there are any further changes they’ll be posted out. 

Happy and safe riding (with a friend).


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