Adventure Bike Rider Guide to Motorcycling in Britain

Hi Folks,

Just got around to downloading a copy of the above. It is a free resource for information and routes to travel our country from top to bottom or any which way you choose. It’s a PDF document which I could email to you, but you can download a copy for yourselves by visiting There are gpx.files available for each route too. TomTom request your email address before you can download it but a small price to pay for such a useful guide, plus there is an offer for 20% off a Rider 550 if it still applies.

Any difficulty doing the download get it touch and I will send you a copy.

I hope you find that useful.


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  1. Andrew Pratt says:

    Great link Barry. Didn’t know of Gospel Pass (Highest in Wales) & loads of others ridden now forgotten. I foresee that my next HAB lead ride will be more than the usual 130-150 miles

    Best, Andrew

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