Appeal to Members

Dear Members.

I am writing to you all to appeal for volunteers to support and work with the group on the exec committee.

We currently have positions to fill for the Exec roles of Chairperson and Treasurer; we would also like the support of a non-exec ride-out coordinator. We would also appeal for anyone who would like to contribute to our committee as a non-exec member.

The group is run by the members and for the members and without volunteers willing to help then the group is simply unsustainable.

For many years the group has been run by a core group of members who have done an amazing job of maintaining the group. It would be nice to have some fresh members on the committee.

You do not need any specific skills and the roles are not onerous or time consuming. We are a social biking group associated with the IAM and who provide training in line with the IAM standards. There are four committee meetings a year, one of which is the AGM where we discuss plans for meetings and other events such as ride-outs along with the training plan.

We would also like to see other members volunteer to lead ride out’s. Again there is a core group of members who regularly lead and organise ride outs and it is difficult to come up with original and novel routes. It would be nice if someone had their favorite destination or road, possibly something a bit different and interesting, and lead a group there. If you are unsure of anything the group are perfectly happy to help and you can partner up with an experienced ride leader.

If anyone is interested in supporting the group in any way you can then please email me (reply to post), or you can speak to one of the committee at the next meetings. We will be making a specific appeal at the AGM in March so it would be nice to gather support before then.

On behalf of the committee.

Paul Dresser (Secretary)

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